Software development

Software development

Oak Tree Ltd. is an information technology consulting and software development company providing high quality web, mobile, desktop and enterprise custom made solutions. Streamlined work processes and more than 50 accomplished projects allow us to offer exceptional, customized services. Our web and application designers, as well as software developers are currently working on projects in the US, England, Germany and Switzerland:

Artificial Intelligence
Mobile devices
  • iOS applications for Apple devices

Objective-C and Swift

Developer tool: XCode

  • Android devices

Java, HTML5

Developer tool: Android Studio, Eclipse

Destop and server solutions
  • Microsoft Windows environment

.Net, C#

Developer tool: Visual Studio

  • macOS (OS X) applications

Objective-C, Swift

Developer tool: XCode

  • Java applications
Developer tool: NetBeans, Eclipse
UX and UI design, web programming HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, WordPress
  • Web server side programming for business process and data tiers: Microsoft .NET, JSP(Java EE), PHP, Wordpress PHP

PHP, Java, C# (Razor)…

Developer tool: Visual Studo, Eclipse, NetBeans, Coda

  •  MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite
Database design, building and maintenance
Cloud services including servers, virtual servers, databases
  • Microsoft Azur
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS
Account management and system administrator services

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