Web design and programming, Hungary

Website building

Web design

  • Set your business goals and objectives. Planning requires a lot of foresight and experience. Read about User Experience (UX) design here
  • Ask for taylor-made web design or select a template for inexpensive solutions
  • Templates, layout, fonts, colors, images, plugins must be customized to suit your needs
  • While we are setting up the development environment, prepare your multimedia content; images, video and text

Free WordPress templates can be found here.

Choose technology

When we choose the right technology for you, a lot of things must be considered; business size and goals, complexity, web design, platform requirements, expected traffic, budget… HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, Java, SQL… pros build your website. There are solution bound technologies we can choose from, for example:

HTML 5 and CSS3 Wordpress - PHP websites and CMS Microsoft asp.net razor websites Java enterprise websites

Make it public

You’ll need a domain name if you don’t have one already. DNS records must be properly set. Next step is a secure & reliable high-performance web hosting with fast public access. We offer domain name registration, web hosting and system administration services.

Domain name registration, web hosting Amazon Web Services Google Cloud services Microsoft Azure cloud websites

Be found

Internet marketing is the use of different online media platforms to promote your website. It includes registrations at search engine providers, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), traffic analysis and online advertisements. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of the website in search engine’s unpaid results. Social networking websites offer great SMM solutions. Those sites allow individuals, businesses and other organizations to interact each another and build relationships online.

Google Webmaster Google Analytics Google AdWords Microsoft Bing
Social Media Marketing Facebook advertisement Twitter advertisement YouTube advertisement

This post is also available in Hungarian.