Android, iOS, Windows applications

Mobile applications

iPhone and iPad native applications

iOS application development

iOS native solutions

Development of custom iOS applications:

  • Business apps; e-commerce, iBeacon, product and service support
  • Education, lifestyle and healthcare
  • Games and entertaining apps, multimedia, iWatch
  • Brand building and brand awarness
  • Navigation and utility apps
  • Social media integration, member logins
  • ICloud integration, AppStore management
  • Developer tool: XCode
  • Programming languages: Swift, Objective-c

Android native applications

Android application development

Android native solutions

Development of custom Android applications:

  • Business applications from brand building to product and service support
  • Education, lifestyle and healthcare
  • Games and entertaining, Android Wear
  • News, notifications, online payment
  • Navigation, location and utility
  • Social media integration, Google Analytics
  • Google Cloud integration
  • Developer tool: Android Studio
  • Programming languages: Java

Platform independent applications

Android, iOS, Windows application development, HTML5, Xamarin, Metro

Platform independent

Development of Android, iOS and Windows platform independent mobile applications:

  • Inexpensive choice for non-game, light applications
  • Education, lifestyle
  • News, notifications, online payment
  • Social media integration
  • Google Cloud, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Azure integration
  • Amazon TV apps
  • Developer tool: Microsoft Visual Studio (with Xamarin), XCode, Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Programming languages: HTML/javascript, Java, C#

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